WE HAVE PERMANENTLY CLOSED OUR DOORS as of Sunday, February 25, 2024!  

We truly appreciate the 10 wonderful years serving you and your families in our Kennesaw and Acworth locations!  We are grateful for the extended family who supported us continuously during our time with you!  A lot of extended family members were formed over a warm meal, a big hug, a laugh or a dance!  Continue in love and remember us always!  We will miss you all!  We never say good bye, only see you later! Please leave notes on Facebook!  We will continue to read them and keep warm memories of you in our hearts!

Enjoy Southern hospitality at its best and taste “heaven on a plate” with food infused with flavor and love!

L. Marie’s, opened summer of 2014, prepares fresh mixed greens, squash casserole, cabbage and peas daily! Oh and don’t forget about fresh mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and sweet potato souffle’! We offer our highly talked about catfish, pork chops, meatloaf, oxtails and other favorites that is truly food for the soul. You will feel love in your belly from recipes that have been gathered and past down over three generations and across two families with strong roots in the South and a tradition of deliciously fresh comfort food for the soul.

Our authentic southern cuisine is sure to satisfy your appetite. Come and experience the love for yourself. You’ll never forget your first time and you’ll surely be back for more.